How fast can my campaign start?

Most campaigns can start within 24 hours

How many calls can you make in one day?

We can dial approximately 250 calls per agent, per day.

When do you make the calls?

We make our calls based on your specified time frame.

Where do I get a contact list of phone numbers to call?

You supply your own marketing list of contacts.

Do you provide call recording services?

Yes. We are capable of recording calls at client request through a quality management system. Our clients have the ability to listen securely to calls taken on their behalf.

Do I get any output after the job is finished?

Yes, you get assorted reports that include dialer, call logs, and agent reports. The reports show accurate details for every single call.

Who will create my script?

You can create your own script, or we have consultants that will help you.

How many retries do you make per call in case it was busy

As many retries as you want.

What are your call center hours of operation?

Generally 9 to 5, but we will accommodate your needs.

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